"I have worked with Pawlik Dorman for over ten years, initially as a candidate, and since then as a repeat client. Pawlik Dorman never gives up and has consistently delivered a quality candidate to close my hard-to-fill searches. Candidates comment on their professionalism, too."
- Peggy Bridgford, Human Resources Director, Zimmer

The Pawlik Dorman Search Assessment

An expert assessment of each client’s goals is the key to successful talent acquisition. At the start of every assignment, we evaluate factors such as:


  • How often and when you want to hear from us.
  • What is the best communication format for you?
  • The level of detail you want to receive.

Your organization

  • Corporate structure, evolution, and market strategy.
  • Current and projected revenues, market share and employee headcount.
  • Internal company culture.

The position

  • Vertical, horizontal and dotted-line relationships, including challenges, opportunities and sensitivities.
  • Key priorities, goals and the skills background for the position
  • Compelling reasons to take—or not to take—this position, including possible career paths and the anticipated compensation package.

Search strategy qualifiers

  • Your desired candidate’s accomplishments and personal attributes.
  • Location of prospective candidates—including geographic range of search, ideal industry, market, company size, and companies that should be targeted or avoided.
  • Your deadlines and budget. When should the new hire walk through the door?


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